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Tuesday, November 26 2013

The Chase Candy Company is known best as the home of the Cherry Mash, which is “America’s favorite cherry candy bar.” However, the company also makes a variety of other fine candies, such as peanut clusters and coconut candy.

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Monday, November 25 2013

The Conservation Department has something for everyone on your shopping list. They offer a surprising array of reasonably priced gifts, from butterfly pendants and bird calls to field guides and children’s binoculars.

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Friday, November 22 2013

eAudiobooks may be checked up to 21 days. Since they may be checked back in before the due date or are automatically checked in at the end of the loan period, there are no overdue notices or fines. The eAudiobooks include both fiction and nonfiction titles including best sellers, mysteries, science-fiction, biographies, history and other genres.

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Friday, November 22 2013

After a two day install, the water was turned on to fill the Barry Well reservoir which flows through the upper trough to fill the lower trough. When the lower trough reaches its optimum water level, the hatch is closed redirecting the water to cascade on to our beautiful new mill wheel causing it to turn.

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Thursday, November 21 2013

Share a photo of 'Flat Jesse' from your vacation and the Farm will post it on Facebook.

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Monday, November 18 2013

Anglers can catch rainbow trout with spinning, spin casting or fly fishing tackle. Small spinners, flies or scented baits are all effective lures for catching trout. But if a large fish breaks your line, don’t be surprised. A few lunker-sized trout were also stocked along with the pan-sized fish. The trout were raised at the MDC hatchery at Bennett Springs State Park.

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Saturday, November 16 2013

The Journal's ratings, measuring the contributions that public libraries make to their communities, were released by the trade publication on Friday, November 1, 2013. Only one other Missouri library, the North Kansas City Public Library, was accorded 5-star status.

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Saturday, November 16 2013

“Duncan is one of the genuine legends of American photojournalism,” said Keith F. Davis, senior curator of photography. “His work has a true ‘War and Peace’ range; from his gritty records of combat to his highly intimate and often playful images of the 20th century’s greatest artist. He has been a witness to much of the essential history, and something of the very soul, of the modern century.”

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Saturday, November 16 2013

Mobile App Brings the WWII Memorial to Life with Interactive Learning Experiences

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Friday, November 15 2013

Missouri’s new conservation Commissioner has a strong background in government and private business.

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