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Sunday, May 29 2016

Adeline, a slave in Savannah, Missouri, was present when Abraham Lincoln debated political opponent Stephen Douglas in 1858.  With the North's victory in the American Civil War, she became free, but chose to stay with the family to which she had been sold. 

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Sunday, May 29 2016

The exhibits illustrate the diverse intermingling of cultures that happened when St. Joseph was located at the edge of civilization and the western wilderness.


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Sunday, May 29 2016

In it's youth, the Aladdin would have been witness to the birth of the the "talkies", and there are residents of the neighborhood who still remembering watching films there

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Sunday, May 29 2016

Retrospective of daily scenes from Holt and Kearney (Missouri) in the early 20th century is on display through June 30 at the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives.

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Saturday, May 28 2016

During Memorial Day Weekend, the Museum is extending Free Admission (May 27-30) for veterans/active duty military, and half-price admission for the general public. The Museum will also host a full schedule of free public events.

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Wednesday, May 25 2016

Optional week long and one day sessions are a great way to expose your child to historic themes, meet talented presenters, and participate in hands-on crafts and activities.


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Wednesday, May 25 2016

The Ft. Riley Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard will perform mounted drills and precision horsemanship. Troopers and horses of this unit are outfitted in the uniforms, accoutrements and equipment of the Civil War period.

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Saturday, May 21 2016

Partners KCP&L and American Century Investments this spring provided cameras for online viewing of falcon nests. But look quick, as falcons grow fast and DeBold expects the birds that hatched in late April to fledge, or start flying, in June.

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Tuesday, May 03 2016

“The Somme and Verdun are among the most destructive and tragic events in human history,” said National World War I Museum and Memorial Senior Curator Doran Cart. “The loss of life during these two battles was absolutely catastrophic.

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Monday, May 02 2016

MDC will offer two sets of Discover Nature — Fishing lessons in northwest Missouri during May. These lessons are free and MDC provides all necessary equipment and takes participants fishing at ponds after class time. Registration Required.

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Monday, May 02 2016

Two nests, one on the smokestack at the Iatan power plant and the other on a business rooftop in Kansas City,  each have four baby Peregrine falcons that can be viewed streaming online.

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