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Sunday, November 29 2015

Remembered by many history buffs for his impressive military career and his strong relationship with American leaders, Lafayette was a 

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Sunday, November 29 2015

A historical narrative exploring the life and motivations of a revolutionary freedom fighter fueled by the author's passion and curiosity to better understand what motivated a foreign nobleman to sacrifice so much for people he didn't know.

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Saturday, November 28 2015

Written in the genre of historical fiction, the author strips the grade school history facade away from the story of the events leading to the American Revolution and replaces it with the adult story of crime, intrigue, and politics that fueled a rebellion. It is a story of the Real Sons of Liberty and their march towards revolution.

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Sunday, November 15 2015

Intimate letters from Pacific battlefields, a tragic suicide, and a family reshaped forever. A story, told in three volumes, offers fresh insight—on a deeply personal level—into the historic conflict as it was fought by the U.S. Army in the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and The Philippines and by a family on the home front. It is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love, and human frailty.

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