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Tuesday, March 03 2020
Clara Colby: The International Suffragist

John Holliday’s Clara Colby: The International Suffragist takes readers deep into the life of Clara Colby, who, through her mentorship by the legendary Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton was instrumental in securing the right for US women to vote. As the world prepares to celebrate 100 years since the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, Holliday’s latest release makes a vital mark on global women’s history, and tells a story that still reverberates from coast to coast today. On 18th August 2020, the United States and the world will celebrate 100 years since the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which secured women’s right to vote. It’s in large part thanks to the work of suffragist Clara Colby, whose life, adversities, and achievements are now being unraveled in a fascinating new book.

‘Clara Colby: The International Suffragist, by John Holliday, looks at the life of this British-American maverick as it’s never been told before.

This book is the story about a leader in the cause, which one hundred years ago, gave American women the right to vote. Clara Colby was born in England, graduated as valedictorian of the first woman’s class at the University of Wisconsin and became a writer, publisher, teacher, public speaker, and friend of many leading figures of her day. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founders of the suffrage movement in America, became Clara Colby’s mentors. Her journey is an epic saga of untiring and heroic endeavor, sometimes under the most adverse circumstances, across the United States, and her native England. She suffered great injustice, but she never complained, and her accomplishments contributed significantly to the successful introduction of the Nineteenth Amendment.
“When I learned about Clara’s life, I knew this had to be my next book,” explains the author, whose previous release, Mission to China: How an Englishman Brought the West to the Orient, was a biography of his great-great-grandfather. “His name was Walter Medhurst, and he was a famous missionary to China. Colby’s grandmother was Medhurst’s sister, so there’s a deeply personal connection to the subject matter.
“Her story stands out among all of those who so selflessly contributed to the suffrage movement. With the centenary of the Nineteenth Amendment coming up, and the US election in the same year, this book is extremely relevant to anyone who has an interest in politics, US history, women’s history or appreciates learning about a woman who would stop at nothing to do right by the people she represented.”
Clara Colby: The International Suffragist’is available on Amazon.
About the Author:
John Holliday grew up in England, where he served in the Royal Air Force and later with IBM. After moving to Canada and initially continuing to work with IBM, John started the first of many businesses, mostly in the IT industry.  A subsequent business opportunity resulted in a move to Australia, where he continued his entrepreneurial activities. John’s interest in writing arose when he decided to write a memoir of his business life. This was followed by a biography of his ancestor, who was a famous missionary to China in the early to mid-1800s.  ‘Clara Colby: The International Suffragist’ was published in England with a Chinese version published in Taiwan. John lives with his wife, Colleen, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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