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Editorial Submission Guidelines provides a conduit to promote the works of museums, historic sites, nature centers, and other organizations that support the preservation and public education of history and natural resources in northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas, as well as national and international efforts.

  • There is no charge for sharing information on
  • All submissions must be made by the source of said event, exhibit or announcement. Third-party submissions will not be accepted.
  • is not a Message Board -- with rare exception, all submissions must have links to your website where the reader may confirm your submission and/or additional information, and links for reservations or payments if applicable.

Send your submissions to


  • Event listings should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event -- earlier is better.
  • The content should include:
    • Event Title
    • Description
    • Time and any requirements for pre-registrations, RSVP
    • A link to your website confirming the event and providing optional information, instructions to RSVP,  register, or purchase tickets.
  • Submission should be in a text format -- we cannot retype submissions sent to us in a graphic format.


  • Announcements made in the form of a Press Release will be placed on our News Blog as well as our Exhibits Gallery.
  • Submission should include a image representing the Exhibit with any required credits to be published with the image.
  • Temporary exhibits with a published end date will be listed on the Exhibits Gallery through the end date.
  • New permanent exhibits -- or exhibits with no published end date will be listed on our directory for 180 days.
  • All exhibits must have a page on your website to which we may direct readers for additional information.

Press Releases

  • Submissions should be made in a standard text format with no copyright claim to the content.
    • will not submit posts based on press releases back to the originating group for approval.
    • will adhere to all requirement to credit images and other content as indicated in the press release.
  • Press Releases should include links that and our readers may follow to confirm the content of the press release.
  • Press Releases accepted for publication will be re-printed with the original content.
    • Content may be adjusted to corrent spelling errors or grammar.


  • Content for this page is generally taken from information we receive on Facebook, email, or other media with information that is not prepared as a press release.
  • Submissions are invited.
  • All posts to Mailbox must include active links to the information on the originator's website.


  • Includes books, DVDs, apps, and other media available for purchase by the public.
  • Media should be appropriate for the editorial focus of this website -- primarily history and natural resources.
    • Non-fiction is preferred, but historical fiction will be considered.
  • A sample of the final publication is required in most instances before a review will be posted.
  • Submission should include a publisher's review of the media, background on the author, background on the publisher, address for additional information or to purchase the media, and a high-resolution image.
  • Media not accepted for a review on our website will not be returned to the sender.

About Book, DVD and App Reviews

In addition to the blog, we promote each book review on the Home page of our website, in our monthly digital newsletter and on our Facebook page.
Our process is to review your media, however, we use your description/review. We also include a picture of the book in our blog and newsletter.  Each review contains information about the author, publisher, and links to purchase the book. We also include links to the websites of the author and publisher for further information.

If we elect not to include the media on our website and newsletter, we do not return it to you.

  • We do not review media with extreme/conspiratorial views on the environment, natural resources, or revisionist history.
  • We prefer for the educational/academic background of the author to be consistent with the theme, premise, and conclusions of the book.
  • Personal biographies are invited, but should detail direct experience of the writer, not a non-academic personal review of the subject.
    • Example, a soldiers biography of their time in a combat zone would be appropriate.  A non-academic review of U.S. involvement in a particular combat area would be less appropriate.

Questions?? Please email


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