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Monday, July 27 2015

The Korean War, which began June 25, 1950, with the North Korean army’s invasion of South Korea, officially ended July 27, 1953.



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Saturday, July 04 2015

"The great national festival returns, and will be hailed as never before. Eloquence and song and solemn popular enthusiasm will consecrate the memorable day."  Harper's Weekly, July 1865



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Friday, July 03 2015

A testament to the greatness of the Declaration of Independence is its strength and importance, not only in 1776 or 1860 but still today as our country debates health care, marriage and state's rights.

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Wednesday, July 01 2015

An 1861 illustration provides an idealistic call for slaves to share in the promises of the Declaration of Independence. Held aloft by an eagle holding two American flags is an aerial carriage similar to the basket of a hot-air balloon with two occupants. One, a freed slave, the other, a white man, sharing the proclamation, "Break every Yoke; let the oppressed go free."

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