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Why should I advertise with Winding River Communications?
Frankly, you shouldn't. If you want to purchase ads on websites, geo-fencing, search engines, Craigslist or any other almost infinite online advertising programs, that is a different decision. Our digital postcards are an inexpensive gift item that you proactively send to prospects in your market area on a weekly basis to keep your name in front of your prospective customer.
Gift item?
Yes, Winding River Communications digital cards are like sending a weekly gift card with valuable information, fun reading, and plain ole' thoughtfulness.
Will the digital postcard program find me hot prospects for my business?
No. However, it will help hot prospects find you! Digital postcards are an inexpensive way to keep your name in front of potential customers, so when the time comes that they need your service your name is the name they remember to call or recognize when they see it on search engine results. Winding River Communications offers custom social media messaging directed at targeted current customers. Please contact us for additional information on those programs.
Are Winding River Communications digital postcards right for every business?
Again, our answer is, No. If you have a business and the resources that provides you the opportunity to put your name in front of your customers 3 - 4 times a week with entertaining, educational and engaging social media posts, then you probably don't need our digital postcards. Less than half of our clients use digital postcards. For example, our floral nurseries have so many beautiful plants to share year around that they have plenty to share on social media to keep their name in front of their prospective customers.
Who does need WRC digital postcards?
This program is designed for companies that provide services to consumers on an infrequent basis, but need to keep their name in front of prospective customers for those times when they become buyers. Prime examples of markets served with digital postcards are home and automobile buyers and sellers. Some industry standards claim the average person purchases a new car every 4 - 6 years; new home purchase even longer. Digital postcards keep your name in front of the buyer who won't be in the market for years -- but will be someone's customer one day. Real estate and automobile professionals have other marketing opportunities directed at specific buyers at a specific time.