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Thomas Hart Benton
125 Birthday Celebration

Thomas Hart Benton 125

Join the party and celebrate the 125th birthday of Thomas Hart Benton at special events this year.

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   Brochure on Benton and
     Birthday Celebration
   Calendar of Benton
   Thomas Hart Benton Home and
    Studio Historic Site

Logo artwork courtesy Friends of the Benton Home and the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio Historic Site

Platte County, Missouri
175th Anniversary

Ben Ferrel Museum in Platte City Missouri

Additional information

   Platte County
     Parks and Recreation

Mark your calendar for a tour
of historic Platte County homes
on June 7.

Image: Ben Ferrel Museum in Platte City, Missouri

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War on poverty fifty years later
Guest editorial from the Heartland Alliance  Website

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

Fifty years ago this year, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced his “War on Poverty”, introducing legislation that would significantly grow the government’s role in fighting poverty. The groundbreaking effort created and expanded funding for American schools and universities, employment and training programs, health insurance for the elderly (Medicare) and poor (Medicaid), as well as the nature and scope of the social safety net (e.g., Food Stamps/SNAP, changes in Aid to Families with Dependent Children (now TANF), expansions of subsidized housing, and increased Social Security benefits).

Heartland Alliance honors the achievements that have been made, yet at the same time, we recognize the need for new solutions to address modern causes of poverty. Our yearlong campaign, #endpoverty, examines how the face of poverty has changed in the last 50 years, the tactics and tools we need to end it once and for all, and successes and opportunities for progress along the way.  Learn More

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